Winchester Factory Photos

Hi friends!

I was talking a bit about the factory today in class, and so I thought I would share a few photos (mostly taken by my sister) of the place.


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  1. My thoughts on the building’s organismic value:
    For this exhibit, I have chosen to present a piece of the building where I live (bonus photos below). In its former life, this apartment complex was the Winchester Rifle factory, and as such, is implicated in several different layered ecologies. It is at the same time an ecosystem and an organism.

    First, it is a sprawling complex, a spatially imposing feature of its neighbourhood. Inside these prominent buildings, there was a factory. As a factory, this space is tied to the intricate social processes of mechanical reproduction and scientific management. This factory was the space where members of the community made their living – it financed the livelihood of people in the social world around it. If we probe one layer further, this was a factory that produced guns. Guns are perhaps a useful symbol for a Western hegemonic vision that prioritizes a certain kind of human being-in-the-world. They assert human presence and demand dominance.

    For this reason, the current state of the factory is especially poignant. This space of precise mechanical productivity in the service of singularly human activities ceased production in 1994. Within the span of my not-very-long life, a pinnacle of human intervention fell into complete disrepair. Without constant human presence and tending, even the immenseness of these sedentary concrete walls does not stand up to the active natural processes that act upon them. In the 20 years that it was left abandoned, the building’s human ecosystem was reclaimed as a natural ecosystem, thereby reinforcing the relative ephemerality of human activity.

    Recently, human actors have renewed their interest in the space, and it is slowly rejoining the human sphere as it is converted into apartment buildings. However, it does so in a way that is somewhat in tension with the human ecosystem around it. As a factory, it was an economically sustaining force for the community. It is now a gentrifying force, part of a complicated process that is changing the character of its surroundings.

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